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Hello, I am Ameet Madan

Student, App and Web Developer

"One who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions." – Confucius

I am a motivated and critical person, a quick learner and a good team player. I like to take on tasks that challenge me and push me to my limits. I am ambitious, on time and I always try to deliver 110% in all my projects and tasks.

I began web development in September 2019, but I was always interested in it, even as a young boy. I had worked with HTML and CSS in the past, which is why I wanted to try something new: JavaScript. I began studying the basics and then started with my first framework, ReactJS. Quickly I realized, building a website is more than only the front-end. I learned NodeJS and ExpressJS quickly, while taking first steps into MongoDB. Mobile development started looking quite attractive to me, which is why I tried my luck with React Native. I am eager to continue learning, but at the moment I want to focus on really using what I've learned until now, before I continue my learning journey.

I will be beginning my Bachelor degree in Computer Science at the University of Zürich in September 2020, which I am very exicted for. Learning to "code" in a academic setting is hopefully as exicting as doing it as a self-taught developer.

I am fully open to work on non-profit projects as well as internships to widen my experience and perspective.

German CV

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Responsive Websites

I enable you to create an awesome customer experience, so that you can focus on the most important part: Creating VALUE for your customers.

Cutting edge technology

React for your front-end

React Native for your multi-platform mobile apps

NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB for the back-end

Bootstrap and SCSS for your design wishes

Database Management

Data is a valuable resource for every business. Using SQL, Python and Microsoft Power BI, I can help you gather never-before seen customer insights.

End-to-End Digital Services

Even if you already have a website, I offer services to optimize the status quo to the maximal


Fahrschule Star

I decided to help out my old driving school in their web presence because they were a big help to me during my driving lessons!


A social media agency built by some friends of mine, I wanted to support their small business and help them expand their own brand with the website

Coupons Gegen Corona

An awesome initative started during COVID-19 to help support local small business. I built the website with an online shop for free to show my support.

Friedli Massagen Küssnacht

A website built by me for the customers business as a independent massage practicioner in Küssnacht.

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+41 78 850 51 66